18th Street Carpentry

18th Street Carpentry is a carpentry business that specializes in making custom coffins.Here is a wonderful idea  that a couple has pursued in California. 

In California a couple turned their hobby of woodworking into a full time carpentry business but their not making any ordinary pieces of work that people may be expecting.  After hearing there was an interest in handmade caskets they have decided to start their own carpentry business and making caskets.  From traditional design to hot pink camo they will do just about anything.

They do round tops, they do flat tops, they do different styles of casket. So whether you will like a traditional casket or something unique theyre up to the challenge.  They offer a wide range and colors and styles.  So if you wanna go out in style you may want a call up   located in Bakersfield California they may have what you are looking for when its your time to go.  Even if someone asked for a special request for example they may want their casket to be bright yellow with a pastel interior.  They can do it.

I believe that this is a very unique and great idea that the owners of 18th Street Carpentry has taken on.  And I also believe that they will become very successful in this carpentry business because people are always dying. Hence there is a huge demand in there business.And they offer caskets ranging from $650 to $1000 thats a really good price

A lot of times people die unexpectedly and with theyre unbeatable prices you have something to look forward to.  Actually I think its a great business to get into.  When there is a demand in business such as doctors, cars, cabinets, when you are in the business when there is a high demand of something you have a great future ahead of you.  I recently did a web page one custom coffins that are made in Africa and a one a share their link with you as well so this is Jereme green reporting carpentry news have a good day or night. Thanks for reading this page on 18th Street Carpentry For more basic carpentry tips continue to visit this website thank you.