Antique Carpentry Tools

Here is some great antique carpentry tools, on this page is a display of pictures and details on what they tools were used for. It is amazing how for technoogy has come in carpentry. Allof these tools were produced for my time I was born in the 80's, but I was able to use some of these tool.

So lets get right into it

Here is some great pictures of antique carpentry tools.

Antique wood boring brace & bit set used by a European cabinet maker at the turn of the century. Believe it or not I have had the opportunity to use some driils simular to these. It is 100 times harder than using a power drill. Of coarse these tools are ancient our technology is more advanced and now we are using cordless drills

Antique Chisel

Image of a antique chisel.

Here is a old chisel, very few manufactures make chisels with wooden handels because the handles eventually split as displayed in the picture. More pictures of antique carpentry tools in the future

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