April Carpentry Poem

April carpentry poem; I hit the nail on the head with my hammer at the break of dawn as I get another nail I heard my neighbor mowing his lawn. I bashed another nail in today working trying to get that money. You see I run a side business at my house. I feel like the brain who was just a lab mouse. You see the brain was smart he thought he could take over the world. And that's what I'm gonna do with my side business take over my world. So I'll fix this chair that someone gave me yesterday. I will sand this table even on a holiday. Knowing that my work is not in vain. And all of my thoughts will never go astray. I will keep my eyes on the prize you see. The prize is the idea to live freely.

Perpetual income is what I'm after. Right now I'm in the middle class and am trying to end that chapter. I'm trying to climb up jacob's ladder. I'm trying to do all of this with laughter. On my way up the ladder I learned that Benjamin is not going to make me happy. It's what I get out of life that I enjoyed the most that is what fills me with glee. What is really funny is that one of those things that fills me with glee is carpentry.I'm in my Glory when I swing my hammer. My wife gave me some cool aid now feel pampered. Red kool aid while working is bliss. After drinking the kool aid I am ready for a kiss. But I have no time for that right now, there are customers that need me. My children are saying feed me. So I'll wait for the kiss, it's can come later because I'm gonna work so I will see you later alligator.

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April Carpentry Poem
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