Ax Log Splitter Tips

Ax log splitter tips. Hi once again this is Jereme green coming to you live from Plainfield New Jersey today I use this log splitter once again. I am very pleased of cut many logs with it and I will continue to cut more. I’m going to give some basic directions on how to use an ax log splitter. Also some of my techniques and my secrets to cutting wood and how you can cut wood successfully and developing your own techniques

First things first I normally aim for the edge of the wood. After I aim at the edge of the wood the log normally splits. If the center of the log is hit sometimes the ax will get stuck so what you want to do is try to hit the edge of the circumference of the log. I place both hands on the end of the handle of the axe and then I swing the ax with a lot of force and this causes in most cases the log to split. It takes some getting use to but with a little practice you can become a professional in no time splitting logs.

It is kind of like swinging a sledge hammer. I have been using sledge hammers for over ten years so splitting logs is a piece of cake to me and it is great exercises. In one of the movies that Rocky made he was getting in shape by splitting wood. So yes it is true this job may put some hair on your chest. I don’t mind working for a living as long as it’s not working to hard I’m allergic to extremely hard work I just can’t do it. I’m only kidding. I still love my work and I am loving life. Life is an adventure with twists and turns that we are unaware of. Carpentry sometimes explains the whole story. Carpenters find some jobs easy while other jobs are very difficult but through it all we endure to the jobs are done. Ax Log Splitter Tips

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