Basic Carpentry Business Plan

Basic carpentry business plan is very important to have but before a planning system is introduced into an organization the top managers especially, but others also, should have a clear understanding of what strategic planning is and is not. 

I try to provide this perspective. Then, top foreman or top carpenters should know what strategic planning can do for them and their organization. Top managers must also decide precisely what it is that they want from the strategic planning system. Only then is management ready to design the process.

There are many purposes that a strategic planning system may address. I identify twenty that managers may set for their planning system. They are not, of course, mutually exclusive. Some are subsets of others. Many closely interrelate. Some will be recognized as dealing only with parts of a complete strategic plan­ning system. They are not arrayed in any particular order of impor­tance.

One basic carpentry business plan system may try to achieve many of these pur­poses. A company at a particular period may have need for achiev­ing certain goals more than others.  A large, diversified plan will work with a clear vision of what you want.

Basic Carpentry Business Plan

Key Points

1.     Change direction of the company.

2.     Accelerate growth and improve profitability.

3.     Weed out poor performers among divisions.

4.     Flush up strategic issues for top management consideration.

5.     Concentrate resources on important things. Guide divisions and research personnel in developing new products. Allocate assets to areas of best potential.

6.     Develop better information for top managers to make better decisions.

7.     Develop a frame of reference for budgets and short-range operating plans.

8.     Develop situation analyses of opportunities and threats to provide better awareness of company's potential in light of its strengths and weaknesses.

9.     Develop better internal coordination of activities.

10.   Develop better communications.

11.   Gain control of operations.

12.   Develop a sense of security among managers coming from a better understanding of changing environment and company's ability to adapt to it.

13.   Mind stretching exercise.

14.   Train managers.

15.   Provide a road map to show where the company is going and how to get there.

16.   Setting more realistic, demanding yet attainable objectives.

17.   Review and audit present activities so as to make proper adjustments and modifications in light of changing environment and company aims.

18.   Provide awareness of changing environment in order to adapt better to it.

19.   Pick up the pace of a "tired" carpentry business.

20.   Because others are doing it.

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