Basic Carpentry Tutorial

This Basic Carpentry Tutorial above reveals the basic nature of the carpentry business and what it has to offer. This video is very informative but for some people it may be information that you already know. Let the video be a reminder of what is to come if you decide that you want to be a carpenter or run a carpentry business. I have been in the carpentry business for 13 years and I love. Carpentry has brought me nothing but great things in my life and I praise God for that.

Carpentry has been around forever, ever since the beginning of time. I am impressed on how far we have come in these modern days alone. I remember when I was a kid this was only in the early eighties. I use to watch houses being built some houses took years to build them. And here we are today a man can build a house in less than 3 months. These are exciting and great times that we are living in.

Everything is becoming transparent because of video cameras picture phones and so on. In fact I have see plumbers look in the pipes of houses with small video cameras and they are able to locate the crack that is in the pipe unlike ever before. Hi tech cameras can see through walls. I am sure one day everyone is going to be able to see through wall with cameras. This could be good for carpenters and handyman because they will be able to detect the problem before tearing apart the wall

So in conclusion in a few years this basic carpentry tutorial will have to be updated to suit the carpenter and tradesman of tomorrow. We as a human race are developing fast and there is no stopping we. Spread the news everyone the future looks bright. It is completely obvious. And I will continue to spread the good news that is in my heart. Thank You and God Bless You

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