Bendable Drywall

Bendable drywall is not very hard to accomplish. Here is details on the way the ways to bend drywall. I hope you find this information beneficial to you.

Bending drywall is a process if you were looking for it in the store and you cannot find it you have to bend it yourself and here’s how you do it. What you can do is place the drywall between two chairs elevated above ground each end of the drywall is placed on the chair or crates or whatever it is that you will like to set the drywall on the easiest drywall to bend is ¼ inch drywall. The process is you take the small bucket of water or a holes or sponge will you take something and lightly put water on the drywall to make it bend. I use to put a good amount of water on the drywall to making it bend.

Fifth if this is being done for the first time then place an even coat of water on the whole sheet until it starts to bend. When it bends to the extent that is desired stop pouring the water on it and let it dry. Once it dries then you can install it to where you will like for it to go.

It can be a process at times because of the amount of water that you have to put on it you do not want the Warner to bend it so much that it’s going to break. And sometimes when the sheet rock is picked up it is so brittle that it ends up breaking as the carpenters are trying to install it. That’s why it is important to give it and ample amount of drying time and not to soak it so much in the water.

I have done radius walls where I have used this method and it works very well. I hope this information once again is beneficial to you or to someone that you may know and please pass it on that Jereme green is giving out a lot of information on carpentry. More info on bendable drywall coming soon. I have great ideas, fun projects, in a little sense of humor. I like to have fun in life and I like to have fun in carpentry as well which is a big part of my life thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day in and you.

Bendable Drywall

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