Blueprint Symbols

The use of blueprint symbols makes it possible to transcend the barriers of language. In our daily life, for example there are street signs that mean stop and pharmaceutical labels that mean toxic. Knowing how to decode symbols can make it very easy to get around the streets of a city or the shelves of a pharmacy. Because symbols do not take up a lot of space it is possible to make sense with of them in matter of seconds.

Architects use standardized symbols to represent the items or materials that form part of the structure to be built. Building a structure of any type involves the use of a great number of raw processed materials. Ranging from steel and concrete used in the foundation to the metal flashing used on the roof, from the wiring in the walls to the wood used on the floors these materials are many and varied. And all of these materials can be represented by means of symbols.

Knowing the symbols for all of the materials related to building can make your job easier. If you can make sense of all of these symbols you can more easily prepare the materials estimates, do the layout work, and select the proper tools for the job. In addition because symbols conserve space, understanding the symbols for allof the materials can make your job faster. The symbols used in drawings indicate the materials used at each location, I most cases eliminating the need for descriptive notations. If you know what all the symbols stand for, then you can read the drawings quickly and efficiently, without finding it necessary to go through numerous, lengthy descriptions.

I have had the pleasure of working with some great carpenter formen that new how to read blueprints very well as a result the huge commercial job ran smooth.

Here are some general symbols

General Blueprint Symbols

Mechanical Symbols

Architectural Symbols

Symbols And Abbreviations

BluePrint And Abbreviations

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