A Bookcase is a great project to take on if you are just a beginner and then do it yourself ranks, you can do a journeyman's job of building handsome and sturdy bookcases because they can been designed with the amateur cabinetmaker in mind. The only skills required are mastery of the use of a claw hammer and a hand saw. Accurate measuring is important a 6 inch steel take will do it best. You'll also need sandpaper, finishing nails, nail set, white glue, would pretty, finishing material of your choice, and that's about it.

Ask your dealer for preseason and finished lumber with a minimal of knots, unless you want a knotty appearance, in which case you should order tight nodded, and boards. This simple unfinished unit is of pine and costs about $4.50 off all material. You can build your case narrower, wider or higher to suit your particular requirements. Any unit larger than small ones should have a back to provide reinforcement or wider units can be built in multiples.

Once again if you are a beginner carpenter or cabinetmaker and you are interested in taking on a nice project for yourself I believe that building a book shelf is for you. You can always choose from different types of wood to build it. Whenever tickles your fancy when it comes to wood. This should be a fun project to work, I have seen people work on projects like this one just for a hobby. And I have also seen them used for display cases in stores. Either way have fun and enjoy making this beautiful book case. I'm sure there are blueprints on making different book cases on the Internet if you need one because you may not know how to make the prey yourself. Then I suggest that you do some research and find a print that is going to work for you thank you and enjoy building your book case.
Build A Bookcase
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