Carpenter Jobs In Alaska

The City Called Ancorage In Alaska

Here is some details on carpenter jobs in Alaska. I can tell you right from the start that carpentry jobs are scarce in this part of the country. This state is not a fast growing state it has under a million people in it all together. The state mainly survives of the agriculture, fishing and oil industry.

In this kind of atmosphere I believe a carpenter has a better chance of surviving if he or she works on building cabinets, shelves, custom tables and chairs. Perhaps running a carpentry business out of a garage or trailer or building.

Residential and heavy construction carpenters may not survive easily in this environment, again because of the slow development. Another business that may survive well is carpenters that make log cabin homes. There are many people that hunt in this state and they probably could use some log cabins. Also small business could be formed in these homes.

I believe there should not be a substantial amount of development in Alaska because of a chance of global warming. It is important that construction workers leave Alaska alone it is not a fast developing area for a reason. But for all carpenters that love to fish it looks like this is one of the places to be.

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