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One of many roller coasters that have been built by carpenters

Working on carpenter jobs in Florida can be very exciting, the weather is great, there is always opportunities to make money and the people are really nice, it is a beautiful atmosphere to work in. Here is a look at the past, present, and future rolls that the carpenter plays in this great orange state.

Before Disney World and other tourist attractions came about carpentry work was very slow. Florida had farming, cattle and agriculture in it, no real construction businesses were formed. In fact in wasn't until the early 1900's when carpenters started really having work, there was a railroad that a few business men help design and develop. Which led tourist into the state, many tourist were attracted to just the great weather that Florida has. As a result the economy started developing quicker and the carpenters had steady work for years to come.

Between the years 1965 and 1971 carpenters migrated to Florida to build Walt Disney World and other tourist attractions. As of today in Florida carpenters have built the Florida State University, many huge business buildings tourist attractions and amusement parks. Without the help of many carpenters none of these wonderful tasks would have been completed.

In this great year of 2009, I believe the future is bright for carpenters in the state of Florida. Right now there is a great opportunity to fix or flip houses and make a good profit on them. There are many vacant homes which makes a great opportunity for investors. The more homes that are remodeled by construction workers and investors the better chances of them being sold and someone getting rich in the process of doing this.

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