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Carpenter jobs in Poland are still thriving in these days there are many places that carpenters have built that are still standing today in Poland. On this page I will be giving some great information about Carpenters that live in Poland and I will give some detailed information on what kind of carpentry jobs are in Poland in these modern days.

Poland carpenters have built some amazing structures and buildings they have build churches museums, stores, and other wonderful places that help the aid of humanity on that side of earth. Some of the buildings date back to the early 1800’s. Carpenters have worked in places in Poland like the Grand Theatre located on Plac Teatralny 1, Warszawa. I have heard that there are wonderful opera singers that sing there. Also recently I received an email from a carpenter that lives in Poland he said that he loves his job he said that he just got finish putting up some crown molding in Jagiellonian University, One of the biggest universities in the city that has 44,200 students.

The carpenters that live in Poland do not focus on the commercial industry. But they do focus and work in the cabinet making, and furniture and other light forms of carpentry that is very beautiful. I worked with a man that was from Poland. He was a cabinetmaker that did awesome work. Him and I were partners for a while and we made an awesome team. He told me that he did carpentry work in a church in Poland. He told me that the church was located in Piekary Œl¹skie.

In conclusion I would like to say hi to all the carpenters that live in Poland I know that some of you come across this website once in a blue moon. Sometimes I wonder does anyone really read this stuff that I am typing. Reguardless thank you for reading and remember to walk by faith and not by sight.

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