Carpenter Safety Tips

Carpenter safety tips for carpenters that want to be safe and not sorry. If thse rules are followed through successfully you will remain safe and healthy in the carpentry business.Your health and wellness are affected by not only your worksite but also your attitude. Practicing the following ways of thinking may keep you healthy and happy.

Think Before You Act

Because carelessness and inattention on the job can lead to disaster, do all you can to think things over before acting? What are you about to d, and what are the consequences? Review the step s for doing your job safely and use the right tools for the job.

Many wok situations don’t have listed steps to follow. The only thing you can do then is keep a safety head-one that prepares you for new tasks, new hazards, and new satiations. Accidents often occur when you face a new job or a change at work. Think about your safety when something at your jobsite changes if you are sure how to proceed, ask questions. Also if you discover a hazard, report it.

Even if you are an experienced worker who knows your job well, you can still have an accident if you take safety procedures for granted. From time to time, look over your safety procedures. This way they will be fresh in your mind.

Imagine that your table saw has jammed with wood shaving or your blade los some teeth. Would you unplug the machine from the electrical outlet and apply a Do Not Plug In tag before typing to free the shavings or replace the blade. What if you were in a rush to finish the job and you were getting behind already?Don’t let shortcuts tempt you. Imagine that you did not tag the machine and nothing happened. Will you take the shortcut next time? With shortcuts, no longer is it “if” an accident will happen, but “when.”

Be a Team Player

Teams tend to work better than one person because team members can pool their skills together. You and your co workers may know and share safer ways of doing things. You may watch out for each other and save yourselves from injury or illness. And when your team is successful, you feel good knowing you were a part of that success

Being a team player at a jobsite means you act like part of a team. In addition to getting along, being a team player means:

- Taking responsibility to carry your own weight.

- Motivating and listening to others

- Cooperating and reaming flexible

- Getting work done on time

- Acting professionally and

- Building respect and trying to understand others

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