Carpenters And Leprechauns

Carpenters and leprechauns have some things in common they like to drink, and they both use hammers.  I’m only kidding about the drinking part. A hammer is a carpentry tool used to drive in nails.  It is also used to hit and bang things in place.  In light of Saint Patrick’s Day I have decided to celebrate in this way.  By talking about carpenters and leprechauns, they both have something in common they use hammers which is one of their favorite tools to use and most common tool in their trade.  Leprechauns makes shoes carpenters make houses they are both in the making business.  I know you’re saying tell me something I don’t know.  Here is some information on the leprechaun that you may or may not know.

As with all faeries, it is important to see the Leprechaun before he sees you, for he then becomes more co-operative and can perhaps be persuaded to guide you to one of his hidden crocks of gold. But he is very sly and tricky and quite likely to disappear in the twinkling of an eye just like a carpenter at times lol I’m just kidding.

Gold is a rare prize. There is an old Irish legend of a young boy who drove a turf cart to make a living. He was quiet and moody— it was even rumored that he was a changeling — and what he loved most in the world was books. He read as much as his poor circumstances allowed. One day he read in an old book that Leprechauns knew all the secret places where gold was hidden. With such gold he could buy all the books he desired. So, as the days passed, he watched and listened sharply for the click of a hammer in the hedgerow At last one evening in the setting sun he saw a Leprechaun under a dock leaf. The boy crept up on him from behind, seized him by the scruff of his neck and refused to let go until hidden gold was revealed. 'There is no need for force', said the little fellow, tor you and I are cousins once removed!' The boy had indeed been a changeling baby and since only those of faerie blood could possess the gold he was perfectly eligible. The gold lay in an old fort and they passed through a door in a stone wall. The ground was covered with gold pieces.

'Take what you want', said the Leprechaun, 'but quickly, for when the door shuts, it shuts for ever'. So the boy gathered as much as he could and took it outside. He was just returning for more when, with a tremendous crack, the door shut firm. The Leprechaun was nowhere to be seen. The gold was banked in Dublin. The boy was indeed rich; his money was spent wisely and he grew into a man of great learning and wisdom. His descendants are rich and prosperous to this day.  Thanks for reading this page on carpenters and leprechauns.  For more basic carpentry tips and information like this please continue to visit my website thanks for reading and have a good day.