Carpenters Plumb Bob

The carpenters plumb bob is very accurate and is used frequently for testing and establishing plumb lines. Suspended from a line, the plumb bob hangs absolutely vertical when it stop swinging. However it is difficult to use outside when the wind is blowing.Plumb bobs come in several different weights. Heavy plumb bobs stop swinging more quickly than lighter ones. Some have hollow centers that are filled with heavy metal to increase the weight without enlarging the size.

The plumb bob is useful for quick and accurate plumbing of posts, studs, door frames, and other vertical members of a structure. It can be suspended from a great height to establish a point that is plumb with another. It's only limitation is the length of the line.

I use the plumb bob to level off door bucks accurately as well a different walls. On some basic carpentry jobs you can find a plumb laser. It can replace the plumb bob in some projects but not in all projects.

The plumb bob has been around for centuries. I believe the Giza Pyramids were made with a plumb bob. This is one carpentry tool that will be very hard to replace because of how accurate and simple it is.

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