Carpenters Survived Hurricane Sandy

Carpenters survived hurricane sandy all across New Jersey and New York. I am a living witness to the aftermath of devastation that this treacherous storm has left behind. It upset millions of lives in the east coast of the U.S including mine. My family and I were unprepared for what this storm had to offer. This storm was truly the worst storm I have ever seen in history.

I was also fortunate that there was no damage done to my house but unfortunately I have seen hundreds of homes hit by trees and destroyed. But enough about me for now lets talk about carpenters. Carpenters are like fire fighters and policeman in times like these because they are some of the first responders once the damage has been assessed and construction efforts have been prepped and prepared. Carpenters are ready to build and make areas rebuild what is needed for the people that have been affected in the storm.

For example once the storm is over boarded homes can become with screw guns and hammers. Material that has been tightened down can be unfastened. And debris can be picked. Windows will be fixed doors replaced, foundations will be checked and bridges will be inspected all by carpenters that specialize in these areas.

In this devastating storm the electricians were heroes by fixing light poles and restoring power back to millions of homes. The electricians did not store power to my house quick enough I was out of power for eight long days. Fortunately I was able to see my buddy Obama get elected for a second term the power came on right after the announcement was made on the radio.

I was called into work two days after the storm the problem was that I had no gas I was desperate. I found a gas station I tried to cut the line and I was escorted to the back of the line by police officers I waited in line for 3 hours to get a full tank of gas in Berkley Heights in New Jersey. I was desperate and stupid in tough times. A ride to work that would normally take 25 minutes took me 42 minutes to get to my job. But I made it and I was proud that I did. We cleaned up a lot of debris and did some minor fixes. But enough about me let’s talk about carpentry work.

For all the Carpenters survived hurricane Sandy, right now is a good time to wipe the dust off the old carpentry tools, fix room that have been destroyed making them better more energy efficient and stronger than ever. It’s a great time to start that business that you always wanted to start. And build that bunker that you always wanted to build. LoL I am just kidding but you get my point.

Brush up on your carpentry skills. Start something new and continue with it until you are done. Show the world that the largest storm in history has made you a stronger and better person. As I drove my van around in Plainfield New Jersey I felt a feeling of survival that we lived to see another day despite the condition that the town was left in. Carpenters survived hurricane sandy which is great, but my condolences to the people that have lost loved. May we all continue to prosper in love.

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