Carpenters Union Dressed Up Inflatable Rat

The carpenters union dressed up inflatable rat outside the Vera Wang offices. The district council of carpenters put a big veil over the rat in homage to Wangs reputation as a stellar bridal design. They have done this because she is talking to non union carpenters evidently she plans on remodeling her store or building new stores. This is a pure classic comedy, a wedding veil over a huge ugly rat lol what will they think of next.

To keep the uninformed informed the carpenters union is well know for putting up Giant rats around non-union jobs. These giant rats are used to inform the public that a particular person or contractor is deciding to build nonunion. The rat is ugly and embarrassing; people honk their horns in their cars to show support for the carpenters union and other labor unions. The carpenters union does this because they would like for the carpentry job to go union.

Union carpenters walk in the area that the inflatable rat is in. The carpenters do this to show support and prove a point. The point that they want to prove is that they want the nonunion carpentry job to turn into the union carpentry job. The carpenters union has been doing this for years so it must be effective.

Union carpenters also where picket signs around their necks while walking around the big rat. The signs inform the public about the event that is taken place. The signs will usual have the companies name on it and explain that they are a nonunion contractor.

I have picketed nonunion jobs and in the future will still help picket carpentry jobs that are not union. I have picketed nonunion jobs all across the state of New Jersey. Some jobs turned union while others did not. I didn’t mind it one bit and on some pickets I actual had some fun.

Carpenters Union Dressed Up Inflatable Rat "Good Work"

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