Carpenters Union Local 254

Carpenters Union Local 254 had a meeting at the Pines Manor and it was a success. No chairs were thrown nobody got arrested or even escorted outside. So it was defiantly a success, attending this meeting I found one thing that everyone could agree on and that is that the union carpenters needs more work. There are a lot of people that are very passionate about working in the union. Right now there is allot of people that are not working

I am excited to see what the future is going to be. There is strength in numbers and local 254 has 3700 union carpenters that are ready to take on central New Jersey and what it has to offer. There are many opportunities for local 254 to set their mark and enforce it. Now that there is a new sheriff in town the non union contractors are going to have to beware that 254 is not going to take any mess.

Union Carpenters Attitude

Most people do not know this but their attitude determines the outcome of their situation. For example if I say that I cannot do this basic carpentry job because I hate it. I am more than likely not going to accomplish that basic carpentry job. And with that attitude it sounds like I am a quitter.

I have learned that in the carpenters union it is important to go into any job with the right mental attitude. I believe that it is important that all members of carpenters union local 254 keep the faith and make it known that this is going to work.

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