Carpenters Union Versus Jay-z

The carpenters union versus Jay-z, rapper/business man supports non-union contractor. Jay-z has decided to hire CONELLE CONSTRUCTION Corporation allegedly, to do millions of dollars in renovations in his 40/40 Club in New York City. Conelle Construction do not pay the prevailing wage they do not agree to union standards as a result they are not part of the union. As a result the carpenters union has decided to picket

The carpenters union has placed 3 giant rats in front of Jay-zs 40/40 Club. The carpenters union in New York City would like Jay-z to hire a union contractor. There has been no word from Jay-z on why he decided to choose a nonunion contractor.

Why Unions Are Important

Unions are important everyone including non-union people rely on the unions to set the standards, proper wages, proper working conditions for Americans and the middle class. When a non-union contractor wants to know how to estimate his or her carpentry job they look at the prevailing wage that union carpenters make in the area.

And the beat goes on. The unions are the backbone in this country and without them people will get paid very little for doing a whole lot and that is what the union try to prevent.

The carpenters union is not complete they are constantly working on improving Unfair acts in the unions and corruption at times. They are not perfect but their standards and their motives are perfect. They try to uphold what is good and right in America and that is to try to give the middle class a fair shot at the American dream.

If you are a celebrity or an actor that is reading this material remember that unions helped build America if you hire union you are helping others achieve the American dream and you are upholding the rights and values of millions Americans in this great country.

Off the Topic

Jay-z is a icon in America and around the world he has started at the bottom in the ghetto and the slums and worked his way up to the top. He has a great story to tell and he expresses it through his rap music.
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