Carpentry Apprenticeship Programs

Carpentry apprenticeship programs are the way to go if you are looking to become a carpenter in the near future. On this page I will be explaining the benefits that apprenticeship programs have to offer if you want to be in the carpentry trade. I have talked about apprenticeship programs on this website in the past so please search for some of my information that I have given. I’m going warn you there are two things that I’m talking about on this page carpentry apprenticeship programs and my life. I’m talking about my life because the apprentice program was a big part of it. Four long years and I’m going give a brief point of view of some of my experiences and the way that I look at life.

Carpentry apprenticeship programs are wonderful in a nutshell they’d take a person who was ordinary in knows nothing about carpentry and make them into a carpentry warrior. If you will like me and you know what you want to do what your life you know that you want to work with your hands and you wanna build things then a carpentry apprentice program may be for you. I learned the proper way on how to use power tools and hand tools. I learned how to use them in a safe and productive manner while producing quality work. You know there’s a lot of people that take this stuff for granted. I didnt it was a big deal to me. I was a kid that did not have the best education and the world I went to Plainfield public high school they don’t have the best record. I used to dodge bullets going home. Avoid people that had knives and bullies. I had to fight my way in and out of gangs.

So for me to go to a carpentry apprenticeship programs was a big deal in my life. When I got there I notice it was not a big deal for people. Some people get things handed to them while others had to fight to get what they wanted. And if I had to do what all over again I would choose the route that took because it made me a stronger person in life. Throughout my apprentice life and was not all easy, there were times where I installed insulation for the walls for five months. Five months of installing insulation what an experience I had. I watched the whole building be built while I installed insulation. But it was my job I was getting paid and it did matter to me what I did. And if I had to do what again I would, but that job really sucked.

I unloaded trucks and trucks of sheet rock picking up the boards for 8 hours almost nonstop. It was a one day job in Elizabeth New Jersey that was another tough one. Being an apprentice was not easy they made me work. The title journeyman was not just handed to me. But this deck of cards was and I’m playing the game the right way and the only way that I know how. And you are going to have to do the same, if you decide to take this road in life.

I learned what I needed to learn in more it took me four years to complete the program. Now it takes five because of how advanced carpenters have become. Every year a new course was being added in the school so I saw this coming. Because these courses were mandatory to take so it was obvious that it was going to take five years eventually.

I had no idea that this website was going to be this big it started off very small. I don’t know if I said anything to offend anyone at the beginning. Because the beginning was a long time ago I was young and I was still growing up but now that I’ve gotten older and a little bit more wiser within this five year period of building this website. I realize what to say when to say it and how to say. This website has many different angles in life. We can look the struggle on what it took to get somewhere. Or we can look at the fortunate things that it took to get places in life. It’s funny because if I talk about the struggle people will think that owe it was hard to get where Jereme has gotten. And life was hard for him at the beginning and still hard for him now. Or I could talk about how fortunate it is to be in the position that I am in because I’m a very grateful person as well. And when you’re grateful you tend not to look at the struggle. So the question is to struggle or to be grateful that is up to you. But I’m choosing to share both sides to this story because where there is good evil is always present that’s Biblical so when you see me saying an grateful don’t forget that there was a struggle in order to be grateful. And I will never loose my joy in everything that I do I will always give thanks. Now that is some deep stuff LMBO! Thanks for reading this page on carpentry apprenticeship programs.
Carpentry Apprenticeship Programs

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