Carpentry At Chantilly Academy

Carpentry at Chantilly Academy;carpentry students build model house  The students at this wonderful school decided to take their carpentry skills to the next level by working on a project that simulates working on a real house.  I’ve noticed and the picture that they have even put up sheetrock in the model house.

According to sources they will be putting up energy sufficient windows and recessed lights.  Their teacher is more like a mentor he allows the students to design the house.  Make the blueprints with a software program and he allows them to take on the project.

For more advanced students they will be installing drywall, hardwood floors, laminating floors and tiling. My hat goes off to the teachers who are spearheading this operation in teaching the children carpentry work.  Basic carpentry is not just a trade it's also considered an art.  Carpenters have to exercise their visualization their communication and work with their hands all at the same time.  It's not something that everyone can do but usually the people that do know how to do this enjoy what they're doing.  Carpentry always attracts people that love to work with their hands.

I remember when I was a young lad in wood shop.  The wood shop class took on small carpentry projects such as building jewelry boxes, hearts, and shelves.  But we did not take a one a house.  I'm sure that this class will inspire students to continue their experience in carpentry and take on bigger carpentry projects.  Hey it may even create some of the best and most professional carpenters in the world.  Every one has to start somewhere and that is truly one good place to start.  So for all the students that are at Chantilly Academy and are in the carpentry program keep up the good work.  Work learn and succeed and realize that everything thing you do is to benefit you. Thanks for reading this page on Carpentry at Chantilly Academy.