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The carpentry bench that I made is one of the most Impressive, strong and sturdy benches that I have built. Another benefit that this bench has is that it is very easy to make. It took me no more than about 5 minutes to make the bench for the first time. I was rushing to though. But really what bench do you know of that it can take 5 minutes t make and it will last for a very long time.

I put the bench to the test by stacking a massive amount of lumber on it. One month has past and the bench is still standing. I am truly impressed on the amount of weight that it can hold up. I am sure that the bench will last for years and years to come. So if anyone needs a bench quick fast and in hurry I recommend that the bench be built in this way and manor. And if you cannot build it because you do not have the carpentry skills to do it you can email my company Green’s Carpentry and we can work something out.

This bench is very versatile. The bench can be used for picnic seat or a storage bench or just a place to sit. Being that it is made of very strong wood (2 by 12’s) it will last forever. The bench has two 2 by 4’s to brace it up one on each side to give its load maximum support.

Eventually I want to make some benches for my backyard so I will have a place to sit it. It should hold me until I get some furniture, or I may make my own furniture I haven’t decided yet. I do feel safe and secure on the bench it does not wobble and it feels extremely sturdy I believe that this bench is one of the most easiest and durable projects that has been built on this website so far.

Yes, my carpentry business Green’s Carpentry does make really nice custom benches for customers, you can email me at if you are interested in having a bench made or carpentry work done in any shape form or fashion call for an estimate 908-307-5391 Thank you for reading

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