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Carpentry books that are appealing, quick and easy to read, with quality information are always the top selling books. Carpenter schools that teach with certain carpentry manuals and text books are fully aware of this that is why they chose certain books to teach from.

I enjoy reading carpenter books that are easy to understand. My favorite carpenter books have pictures and excellent points about problems and solutions. Illustrations that are in a carpentry book help me to understand if we are or are not talking about the same area in carpentry. It is true that pictures are worth a thousand words. It may sound childish but if you are going to pick up a book to learn from make sure that it has some illustrations.

One day I needed to know how to fix a hole in the wall. Even though the directions were clear and understandable to read. The actual picture helped me to understand how to fix the hole in the wall more then the words in the text did. In fact more and more books are having step-by-step procedures that have huge pictures to help the reader conquer their goals.

It is true that the Internet can answer most questions that we have in carpentry. But the Internet can’t replace books; Carpenter books give detailed analysis on subjects that can only be addresses in a book. Such as Roofs, stairs and framing. The following subjects that I just mentioned have more than meets the eye. I have seen huge books on each subject and more. Carpenter books do come in handy for anyone that wants to further their education in carpentry.

It is true that carpenters need more than just a book to get the job done, they need hands on skills and years of training to become a master carpenter or journeyman. I believe that here in New Jersey the Carpentry apprenticeship has just added on another year so now it takes 5 years to become a certified journeyman. But that is another story for another page.

In conclusion keeping reading and find books that suit your needs in whatever part that you would like accomplish in carpentry. I have quite a few and I learn something every time I pick them up. Thank you for reading and God Bless

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