Carpentry Clothes Poem

With my carpentry clothes I feel well dressed. Everyone knows I look the best. My shirt feels great it has all of its buttons. My pants fit very well they match my ear muffins. I know I am bold to work out in this cold but I have to do what I am told, or my car or my car and other things will get sold. You see hard work brings justice in these unpredictable days. That is why I work to achieve what I want to achieve in each and every way.

So I look at my clothes full of glee realizing that they are a part of me People will judge people by what they see and that is why I don’t have a stain on me. I am as clean as a whistle and as strong as a buck. I even drive a nice clean truck. My shirt is tucked in my pants real tight, and I got a call asking me did I want to go on a date tonight.

I am very well dressed from my head to my toes. I am ready to work with my friends and my foes. I have jokes in my head ready to make people laugh. I ate a plate of beans and now I have gas. But I am ready to put these clothes to the test I want to show up on the job looking the best. I cant wait I cant wait until 7 o’clock work begins and I even have an extra pair of socks.

I hope you enjoyed this poem I made I want to say I love all of you today. So carpenters keep on building for a better tomorrow. Build with joy and peace and not any sorrow. Keep building because you got the glow. Keep on building working for the dough.

Thanks For Reading My Poem On Carpentry Clothes.

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