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There are many carpentry companies in the throughout the United States. Many of them are licensed and insured well trained carpenters. Some have been around from 50-100 years old. The ones that have been around the longest usually gets passed down through a family member basically a family carpentry business.

Some companies have built homes and mansions for families. Other companies have built commercial buildings and sky scrapers. As a result we have a great country that continuously grows and thrives in the construction business.

From historical district in Plainfield New Jersey to the casinos Los Angeles California carpenters have built this country and are responsible for the way it is structured. For the proud heritage that this great trade has, I am proud to be a carpenter and I am proud of the trade I have chosen.

If or when a structure or building gets destroyed it will be erected again. Perhaps in another fashion or another building may take its place. But the construction process will go on. Currently construction plans on bridges, tunnels, homes, commercial buildings, and stores are underway. And carpenters will be doing 75 percent of the work that needs to be done.

Some carpenter companies have struggled to get where they are today while others still struggle. But through it all carpentry companies have one thing in common they have carpenters that will work hard for them to make a living and put some food on the table.

Some carpenters have spent countless hours swing there hammers and in the process trying to make living. The owners of the companies as well have spent many hours preparing material lists, estimating, making phone calls, and going to meetings.

In conclusion carpentry contractors and carpenters are more than just people they are a part of walking history. And continue to build the countries structure

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