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Carpentry contracts are essential when doing carpentry business. I use contracts all the time to protect my business and to protect my customers. I have been using them for years and I will not stop using them because using contracts is mandatory procedure.

Contracts are also appealing to customers it shows a since of professionalism which can ultimately win over the customer, I use this technique all the time in my carpentry business called Green’s Carpentry. Contracts are very valuable they are worth there weight in gold because if something goes wrong at least the contractor or the customer can go back to the contract to figure out what went wrong.

A contract is a written document that states that there is business and or an agreement between two or more people and they trust each other to hold up their part of the contract. There are times when I use my best judgment before I offer them a binding agreement. With repeated customers friends and family I do not need to pull out a contract for them. But I am in no why shape or form requesting for you to do the same thing.

A contract also builds up confidence and the trust of two total strangers. They have decided to enter to a bonding agreement to achieve a common goal. That is why I love using contracts with people. It states that we are both going to hold up our part of the bargain.

If a customer wants to pay in cash it is good practice to give a receipt to the customer stating that money was received from you on a particular date the more details that are on the receipt the better. In my particular business Green’s Carpentry I give free estimate as well of coarse the estimates is not a binding contract nor is an attempt to enter a contract it is just an estimate.

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