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A carpentry degree can be acquired in a few ways. On this page I will be explaining the different possibilities and choices that anyone has to take in order to achieve a carpenters degree. I achieved my degree in four years at a union carpenter school in Kenilworth New Jersey. Passing all of the courses that they had to offer was not easy but with a strong will and determination it was done.

Carpenter apprentices use to have a four year apprenticeship, but due to the amount of things that have advanced in the carpenter trade it is now taking schools a period of 5 years to complete the courses.

I learned alot when I was school. I took blueprint reading classes,classes on how to frame houses, sheetrock walls, hang grid ceilings, math classes, the hole nine yards and I am greatful for the the things that I have learned. The best part is the union carpenter school is opened for journeyman upgreade courses.

If you are thinking about getting into the carpentry trade and starting a career and looking for a degree remember that it will not be just given to you will have to earn it and it is not easy. The truth is that I have in the past have misinformed people by saying that it Is easy to obtain a carpenter degree after looking things over I had a change of heart.

I had to fight to achieve my degree it wasn’t something that was just giving to me. There was a time when I felt like giving up all together and hanging up my tool belt because of the learning process that I had to take. As a young man and as a carpenter, but I am glad that hung in the carpentry trade. I never would of thought that I was going to make a huge website about basic carpentry and let my bad grammar and good advice be exposed to you and people around the world, but here I am. And it all started through obtaining my carpentry degree. I tell you the truth that this is only the beginning, look forward for more great and wonderful things to come.

If I did all of this right after achieving my degree think of the wonderful things that you are capable of achieving if you do the same. It feels great to have that piece of paper it gives me a since of accomplishment in my life. Kind of how I feel when I receive money :-)

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