Carpentry Design

A carpentry design can be so common that after a while it becomes unnoticed. This is the modern look. Right now there are many buildings and storefronts that do not have anything special about their design they have the common look. That is ok because not everyone wants to draw attention.

One common design that houses of 2011 have is vinyl siding it is durable easy to clean and it looks nice. In fact there are more houses that have vinyl siding than ever before. Vinyl siding has replace wood and I predict that it will continue to do so for years to come. Underneath the vinyl siding is Styrofoam, a sheet of tyvek paper and plywood. This keeps most houses well insulated for the winter.

Another design is the stucco look. Many storefronts have this look. This particular design was taken from the old days when most things were made of brick. The advantage of this look is that contractors can paint the building whatever color they want whatever way the customer chooses. Most buildings get painted bright or vibrant colors at most two colors. I love this look it adds class to a neighborhood. The best part about this design is that the color of the place can always be changed by the wave of a paintbrush. This is not possible with vinyl siding.

Some other common designs are adding water fountains in the yard, benches, or sculptures that really make the house look great. Some people add balconies while others add extra rooms there is so many wonderful beautiful and exciting things that can be done to homes that can further enhance the beauty of the design. If you would like any ideas or a free estimate you can email me

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