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Carpentry equipment has advanced drastically in the past ten years. Chop saws and screw guns have lasers on them to help carpenters do quality work. Just in the past ten years alone the battery life in cordless screw guns have doubled. From the beginning of time man has desired the ability to advance in everything including carpentry work. And man has become a great success in his efforts of outliving the last generation every time.

Equipment such as a chain saw has replaced a handsaw. Now loggers can cut down trees in a few seconds where as before it would have taken them a few hours. Houses can be built in three weeks, it was only a few years ago where it took months to build a house and 15 years ago it took years to build a house. Truly machines are becoming more efficient and more meaningful to all carpenters in this modern age. Lasers have replaced plumb bobs and lasers have also replace levels it is an exciting time that we are living in. It is hard to predict what will the inventors think of next

Because equipment has advanced so rapidly in the past few years carpenters have been able to speed up there productivity as a result more quality work can be produced and more money can be made. The inventions such as the wet tile cutter and portable cement mixers have made it easier for people to start their own successful carpentry businesses. Equipment that once was for commercial use now can be found at a home improvement store at a affordable price.

In July 2011 I am launching my carpentry business it is called Green’s Carpentry and I have wonderful carpentry equipment. I will be ready to take on any job as a result of having and obtaining such excellent equipment. It is a pleasure and a privilege to own a beautiful website such as this and be able to promote my business as well its been a long time coming. Thank you for reading and stay tuned because you haven’t seen anything yet.

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