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Carpentry for dummies; this is an interesting title for a book and a web page. Are you a dummy are you a dumb dumb, a person that knows nothing but is interested in carpentry then this website is just for you in fact this page is for you I'm going to prove to you that you're not a dummy in fact you know more than what you think you know.

First I want to reintroduce myself my name is Jereme green I am the author of this website I have been carpentry trade for over 10 years. I've seen many things I have accomplished many goals and I'm still becoming a better person every day of my life. But enough about me lets talk about the subject and what it means to you for this subject called carpentry.

Carpentry is many things to people that are smart. There is no true carpentry for dummies. For some people it is a way of life their career, while others it can become a hobby. Some people in the carpentry business will love the carpentry trade, while others may hate the carpentry business but all the while we all are associated with the carpentry business more than a few times in our life. There's a time when a whole is the wall and we need it fixed. Some walls wall may need to be painted, an extension on a house that needs to be complete. A bridge that needs to be built there is always something that has to deal with carpentry in our lives, whether we may realize it or not.So carpentry is a very important trade. Carpentry contributes in the manifestation of building the highest skyscrapers, the longest bridges, and the biggest homes. Yes it is a very important trade I have chosen to wrap my life around it that is why this website has been made. It is to educate people who are interested in becoming carpenters. It is an awesome trade and it is a blessing to be able to be a carpenter in this day and age.

So who is the dummy? Are you the dummy? Of course not, you are a genius that is educating themselves into becoming more of a genius. We are finding out more and more about ourselves every day every single day you should learn something new. And if you haven't learned anything new then you still have experienced something different. And if you haven't experienced anything different then you're not living. A human being is always becoming something no matter what. It is in our nature to grow, to thrive and to survive. So the question is, “are you a dummy?’again I will tell you know you are not.

On this web site I give information on just about everything there is to know about carpentry. It's a little of everything should I say but it's not everything because I am still learning myself. I do consider myself a genius, but I am a genius that is still learning and you are to that’s what makes this world so great.

Carpentry for dummies, carpentry has enough dummies you may be a person that is looking for advice but you are no dummy. You can find out about carpentry and politics carpentry and art carpentry, and building houses, carpentry on this web site is all over the place. And I'm broadcasting it all over the world and I'm enjoying doing it. The details on this web site is being read from Canada all the way to the Philippines to Mexico to China Russian Brazil Japan Hawaii the U.S. The whole world it is an honor in a privilege to serve you as I move forward into this new paradigm in life I hope you enjoyed this website, I hope you find something amusing or something that you can take with you and your journey in this thing called carpentry. Thank you for visiting and may you have a good time as you are educating yourself in this also and wonderful trade thank you More Info on Carpentry For Dummies
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