Carpentry Groove

The carpentry groove is very important in the world of carpentry. A groove is in a sense everywhere and I’m going to prove it on this page. There are different methods when it comes to putting hardwood floors together. One of the most popular ways to put a floor together is tongue and groove. The Tom is the part of the wood that is sticking out where the groove is the part of the wood that has a wood and it. In most cases the tongue sticks out in you connect the groove into the tongue. That is how hardwood floors is put together of course there is a special nail gun that is used for putting hardwood floors together and make it look exceptionally great. So that is the main groove that is in carpentry.

There are other quote unquote grooves that do exist in cabinet making. Back in the day when I was apprentice in cabinet making I learned that there are was a dado cut that looks some you’ll are two a groove in the wood or material. The Dado cut is made on any table saw where the blades on the table saw have been combined together in order to create this so called groove.

Another so called carpentry groove is a rabbit cut. It is a groove that is on the edge of a board and in this also made to put something in its place such as another board. Dado and rabbit cuts are very popular in cabinet making and in carpentry. They can be fun to do because it ensures that your project was built with craftsmanship and built to endure and stand the test of time.

There’s also another groove that I will like to talk about in that groove is a mood. A characteristic, a style, and my groove is second to none. And I hope you feel the same way about yourself it is what makes us individuals none of us are a like that’s why we are in a class all by ourselves. I got my groove back. Warning if you do not toot your horn it may be failed to be tooted. So excuse me while I toote my own and one for a moment. O yeah I’m going straight to the top, the stars one star shining in the night shining brighter than all the other one’s and I’m talking light years away. OK I am done for now you know something if you are going to aim for something you might as well aim high. That’s my groove I’m not walking around my head down anymore I’m aiming for the stars. Thank you Carpentry Groove

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