Carpentry Hand Tools

Carpentry hand tools are becoming more effective, durable and there is a great demand for more tools to be made. There is a rumor going around that carpenters and handyman are flocking to store shelves buying up all the carpentry tools for jobs that will be coming up in the near future. Stores are having a hard time keeping good tools on the shelves because the consumer keeps buying the tools.

It is known fact, that hand tools are becoming more effective than ever. I bought a Hammer a few years ago that has an anti-shock vibration on it. When anyone uses the hammer they will feel less shock in their hand and wrist. Tape measures are becoming effective to. There is a tape measure called the fat max that is able to extend 11 feet before it bends. Handsaws are now coming with more teeth to cut the wood faster. It is a known fact that carpenter hand tools in the future will be more effective and reliable than ever that is why we are living in a great and exciting time.

It is a known fact that hand tools have become more durable. Chalk boxes have become water resistant. I have known dozens of carpenters that have ruined there chalk box just by dropping the box in a puddle. This is a minor complication with a water resistant chalk box. Pencils are made with stronger led so that it is not easy to break. And utility blades are made of titanium metal so they last longer. My question is what will they think of next.

And last but not least the demand of hand tools has increased by 10 fold in just 5 years. People all across the world are flocking to stores trying to buy the right tool for the right job right now. Companies are making millions upon millions of dollars a year to manufacture and sell carpentry hand tools. We all need hand tools at one time or another in our life. If you have never picked up a tool in your life than chances are you are wealthy and are allergic to tools. I am just kidding but thank you for reading and God Bless You

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