Carpentry In Russia

Carpentry in Russia, a quick look at some of the carpentry work that is currently going on in Russia and some pictures of carpentry

The Russian carpenters and architects are very creative. There are very nice and unique buildings that are made in Russia. Carpenters for years have been creating buildings and monuments for many years in Russia, historical buildings that are beautiful.

Russia is recovering from a recession; as a result more contractors are hiring carpenters to complete some of the unfinished projects that are at hand. In the summer time carpenters get a break from the cold weather temperatures reach up to 80 degrees in summer. I enjoy covering carpentry projects around the world it always fascinates me the unique buildings, the climate changes, the languages and the economy.

We do have many things in common. We use the same tools to put

basic carpentry projects together. And our methods we put buildings together are the same, we may look different and talk different but the way we build things are all the same.

Carpentry Work In Buildings

This is a funny looking building that some wild architects have designed and carpenters help build. The building would look normal if the house was not on it. I love this building it reminds me of how creative we can all be.

Tallest Building Currently Being Built In Russia

Once this building is built it will be the tallest building in Russia very nice looking building it is scheduled to be finished in the year 2016. It looks like they are ahead of schedule. I am excited to see what the end result is going to be. Carpentry in Russia is very fascinating.

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