Carpentry Jobs In Michigan

GM Buildings that carpenters have worked on for many years.

Here is some detailed information on carpentry jobs in Michigan. Here what it was and is like working in Michigan as a carpenter. One of Michigan main attractions is the GM plant some may know it as the Renaissance Center in Detroit which is General Motors world headquarters. It was founded in 1908 in Flint Michigan.

General Motors in the past have employed many carpenters in America and around the world. Union carpenters had a large stake in building many GM plants in Detroit Michigan. Carpenters have built there lives homes and dreams around the GM headquarters for years and years. Even though Gm is in the auto business they employ many carpenters and contractors to build or remodel there buildings.

Recently GM has been having money problems and now there is rumors of them going bankrupt. I personally don't believe that General Motors will file bankruptcy but it is highly possible weather they file bankruptcy or not carpenters in the Detroit area have come across slow working times due to the GM plant. Some claim that they have shipped many jobs overseas as a result there are little or no carpentry jobs.

More buildings that are in Michigan that carpenters help build

In my personnel view I think economy powers are shifting and carpenters around the world are feeling the effect. If GM does file there will be more doom and gloom for carpenters but if they manage to weather the storm things may not be as bad as what they seem

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