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This carpentry picture was taken at my sons pre school I recently visited the school to teach the youngsters about carpentry tools. This was a very fun and educating experience. The children were well behaved and were very excited to see the carpentry tools in my toolbox. I brought basic carpentry tool that will put smiles on their faces. The fun presentation was great. I believe that they enjoyed playing with the tape measure the most.

Seeing the joy on their little faces reminded me of a scripture Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. It is our responsibility to bring the children up in the right direction. And being a young positive adult I have the power to influence the minds of young people, we have the power to help strengthen their character. We should remind them that, with every action there are consequences.

A Call To Action

I was raised up on John Street in Plainfield New Jersey recently a young man 16 years old was shot and killed on my old neighborhood street. It is a reminder that we are living in dangerous time. And as a result I am ready to help lead the youth in a direction that will benefit them and not hinder them. We can all donate a little time to the youth; as a result this world will become a better place.

Through carpentry and the skills that I have learned I will try to influence young adults to become carpenters instead of gangster. Influence them to squeeze a hammer instead of gun. And cut sheetrock instead of cutting each other. I will be visiting more Plainfield schools in the near future and I hope that you will do your part in your community to educate the minds of the youth Thank you for viewing my carpentry picture and Thanks for reading. carpentry picture and Thanks for reading.

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