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Choosing the right carpentry program is very important. There are many different avenues to take to become a carpenter. I am going to explain to you the reader what is the best programs that I took. Also details on how I improved my skills throughout the first couple of years doing carpentry work.

There are two programs that I attended in New Jersey. The first program that I attended was Job Corps in Edison New Jersey. At Job Corps they have an apprentice program that teaches young students how to become carpenters. At this school I learned how to frame walls, put up drywall, build stairs, concrete forms, and do trim work as well. The school also teaches students how to read the tape measure and do some blue print reading. They helped me to get into the carpenters union which I am still a proud member of.

The other school that I went to was the union carpenter’s school in Kenilworth New Jersey. The education that I have received from this school is second to none. One of the unique benefits that this school has to offer is once a student graduates the he or she can always go to the school for brush up courses.

Fortunatly completeing a trade can compare to college degrees and being a union carpenter I am making what some college grads make. It may sound easy but it did take four and better of training and education to get were I am today.

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