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Here you can find plent of carpentry tips and tricks that will benifit you in you journey of learning carpentry. A carpentry career is a wonderful career to start it has carried me thus far and I love what I do and that is what life is all about. I have learned that people that are successful are the ones that are in a bussiness that they do not mind working in.

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Here are great carpentry tips that are available on the internet.I will be posting a new tips frequently. These tips can enhance carpentry skills and will encourage carpenters and handyman and women to become fantastic craftsman. There will be an abundance of information for begining and advanced carpenters.

Some tips will be coming from some of the best carpenters in the world :-). While other tips are important fundamentals in carpentry that can not be looked over.

My plans in the near future is to update this site with pictures and video demonstations that I will be personally doing. I am very excited about this and I hope you are to. This may bring my website and your skills to the next level. We will gow together.

Today is March 2, 2009 it is approxamtly 8:30 am it is a cold and snowy day outside in New Jersey. Todays tip is considered to be the golden rule in carpentry:

Measure Twice And Cut Once

This tip applies to everyone. When a carpenter or handyman is about to cut material for their project, cuts and measurements will come out more accuratly if this tip is followed through correctly. For people who are new to carpentry this carpentry tip will help them save on time and material.

Swing With Wrist Grasshopper

Hi everyone it is March 18, 2009 I have been really busy lately working crazy hours, but I am back and I have a great carpentry tip for carpenters that swing there hammers frequently swing with your wrist and not your forearm let the wrist do all the work. When I was younger and starting out in this trade I used to use my arm all the time. At the end of the day my arms and muscles felt like they were on fire. Lol Avoid what I went through by using your wrists

Get To The Point

pencils for carpentry

Hi everyone happy Sunday April 5, 2009 as you can see Im a little rusty on adding carpentry tips everyday. Hey I'm not perfect but I will continue to strive to be, anyway here is another tip for all you carpenters out there.

Keep your pencils sharp.The finer your point the more accurate the cut will be. There were many times that I have cut wood for kitchen cabinets and other various projects and I cut the material wrong. It took some time to figure out what I did wrong then one day I realized that my point on my pencil was dull and the mark on the wood was to fat. So save yourself the time and waisted energy by sharpening your pencil when needed. Other wise your cut may no be as accurate as you would like for it to be. I hope you have a great day

Goodmorning everyone its April 9, 2009 I want to thank everyone for the encouragement on this carpentry webssite. I will continue to bring facts and knowledge about carpentry so thanks again for supporting me and I will do the same for you. Today I want to talk about business cards. If you dont have a business card then try to get some or make them yourself. They are important in tough finacial times such as these.

When work gets slow for me, and my change starts getting strange and my money starts looking funny besides praying, I start stepping up my efforts to meet and greet people. Once I am done saying Hi I pass out my carentry business card if I dont have it I will give them my phone number. This one particular way does not always work but it is known to be a very effective way for me

EZ Read Tape Measure

A tape measure that canbe used for carpentry work

April 13,2009 Here is a easy read tape measure I reccomend that for anyone who is not familiar with using the tape measure to first buy a tape measure that has all the measurements on it. The measurements on a easy read read tape measure will help train carpenters and apprentices to read the tape measure fluently

Are You Square?

This Is A Speed Square

Here is a carpenter using a speed square a very important carpentry tool.

Hey everyone its April 17,2009, I want to let everyone know about this important carpentry tool. One of the most important and handy tools that a carpenter can use is a speed square. There is a numerous amount of things that this great tool can do.

I mainly use it to mark 2by4's and other materials so that I'm able to cut it accurately. This tool is also great if a carpenter needs to mark a 45 degree angel. These are just a few common uses of what the square is used for. There are measurements and degrees on it as well that help carpenters do their work. This carpentry tip is worth its weight in Gold go and get a speed square today. I love the speed square and I really dont go on any jobs without it.

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