Carpentry Work In India

Carpentry work in India, details on what it is like working as a carpenter in India. Information on the type of environment that carpenters has to face in this country.

In India is a very beautiful place there buildings that they have built are truly incredible. I am sure that carpenters help build places such as the Taj Mahal and other building monuments in their country. There is allot of carpentry projects that are complete. India does have cities with in it and in these cities is where the carpentry work can be found.

But there is also places in India were there are no cities and are extremely poor. This is the first place that I have seen where the gap between the rich and the poor is so far. To me it looks like the middle class may have a hard time surviving in this country at times.

With all that said I could see that India has the one thing in common. Try your best to stay connected with people that are in power. It is just that simple, sometimes it is not what you know but it is whom you know.

There are beautiful skyscrapers that around in India, eventually every building needs a carpenter in it to do some maintenance. Even if it is just one room that needs to be painted it is still something. So for any carpenters that are in India and are having a hard time finding carpentry work my advice to you is; get your foot in the door try to take on a small carpentry project for a good price, do a great ob, and you may find yourself with carpenter contracts that will last for years

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Carpentry Work In India

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