Carpentry Work In Texas

Carpentry work in Texas, information on what it is like working in Texas as carpenter. Tips to help get ahead in the lone star state. Working as a carpenter in Texas must be exciting and at the same time frustrating. According to the information that I have found the economy is fair but the competition is very competitive in Texas.

When bidding jobs in this area it is critical to know what is the going rate for carpenters in that region of the state. Everyone tries to bid lower than the next guy it is nothing new, but the reality is that people will bid for very low prices and pay their workers very low wages for their work. It is a shame in my opinion.

Carpenter Working Conditions In Texas

Carpenters that work in Texas have to be prepared for very hot weather. Be mindful that allot of carpentry work is done outside. It is not like New Jersey here in New Jersey we were Carhart coats when it gets really cold. In Texas they do not have to wear much because they are next to the equator and I bet one of their tools is a bottle of Gatorade.

Being that carpentry contractors are famous for hiring low wage carpenters there is probably a high injury rate on most jobs in Texas. So be careful. My parents always told me that you get what you paid for. In the carpentry business there is always room for error and sometimes the errors can be fatal. If the carpenter is working on the job and he is illegal sometimes people fail to report the injury for insurance purposes. So try to stay safe who ever you are. OSHA safety regulations should be enforced in every state to keep all workers safe.

Go Union Carpenters!

I found in my research that local 429 some of the carpentry work in Texas. According to their website. They help organize workers to receive the dignity and respect they deserve, train apprentices to become skilled in their trade and commit to employers to be good, faithful, honorable workers. Currently, they have over 800 members.

Local 429 exists to advance the lives of their members and the professionalism of our trade. They are one of the oldest chapters of the national United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. Designed to protect the safety and well being of our members while providing contractors with well-trained, proven craftsmen. We have built some of the most impressive, high-profile projects in North Texas that include:

DART Tunnel (Dallas)

Great Wolf Lodge (Grapevine)

Dallas Courthouse

General Motors Assembly Plant (Grand Prairie)

Sundance Square (Downtown Fort Worth)

Fort Worth Zoo

Texas Motor Speedway

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

Bass Performance Hall (Fort Worth)

Cabela's Sporting Goods (Fort Worth)

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Carpentry Work In Texas

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