Carpentry Work Outside

I did some carpentry work outside and I did it with pride knowing that I was going to get through the day. But all at once the wind picked up and the temerture dropped to low thirty. The wind gust and gust to 25-50 mph. The boss said we are working a full ten hours Jereme I want you to climb that tower. So I climbed up the tower and worked diligently but its cold outside in the middle of January. I am swinging my hammer erecting a scaffold. I am getting higher and higher then I became baffold. Its beganning to snow with a wintery mix.I looked at the sky and wiped a tear out my eye thinking that moma said there was gonna be some days like this.

It was an awful day outside it was cold windy and a little wet. But I'd rather be working on this carpentry job, it is better than collecting unemployment. The job is a little behind and we are getting overtime we work hard and then we sip a cup of tea. I am thinking about how I am going to feel doing this type of work at the age 50. But that is just a passing thought I have thousands of thoughts through the day. God, family and money keeps me motivated and this day it was truly demonstrated hip hip hip hip horray

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