Circular Stairs

Circular stairs are becoming more popular in this day and age. These stairs are very fancy and they’re not popular in most middle class homes. I have seen some stairs in homes that have wooden spiral stairs in them. In fact I think circular stairs look so great that they complement a house just as well as an elevator does the house. Let’s talk about it.

After looking all over the Internet I have seen spiral staircases that are in the price range of $1200 to $3200. Some are made of solid wood while others are made with metal. Some staircases are outside while others are inside. So that something to think about. If you will like a staircase outside of the house and you wanted it to look unique and fancy then you may want to put in a spiral staircase outside. It’s a better look then a fire escape look coming from a highly sophisticated looking classy home.

The average design for spiral stairs is a poll in the center of the steps where you can hold one with your right hand as you’re going down the steps. And there is a railing on the left side that you can hold onto as you’re going down the steps to secure or you’re safe journey going down. One of my favorite spiral staircases are the ones that are made of wood solid wood. They look great and they bring out such a look that is second to none in my opinion.

I have used spiral stair cases before and it does feel a little funny using them because you are going down in any circle and if you’re not careful you will trip and fall because the stairs are very close together sometimes it seems as though they are steep going down but it is just more than likely an allusion.

Great Idea

I just stumbled over a very great idea. And if you are reading this page that maybe a little boring It is about to get very exciting when I share this idea that I have found over the Internet and it can benefit you as well as me. So here it is I noticed that one of the spiral staircases treads were like a box and inside of the box there was wood shavings that were encased in glass all on that tread that was on the circular stairs. In other words the stairs had custom treads. I think that’s awesome custom treads on staircases if you can pull it off you can design special treads that go on staircases that people will really love. Treads are very simple to make and if the right touch is on them it could be one of those $1,000,000 ideas that I have been looking for in fact I’m gonna write this one down for myself and you are lucky if you are reading this because you have a chance to run with this idea as well it all starts with an idea always remember that. Then it starts with action, and with action cause and effect. And after cause and effect comes your reward for your labor that you have contribute to humanity thank you for reading peace
Circular Stairs

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