Concrete Wall Forms

Concrete wall forms are used to hold wet concrete. Here are some tips that can help people build strong wall forms that will not blow, break or crack. Anyone that has this wealth of knowledge will truly be able to help build any concrete wall successfully. I have built many concrete forms that have had excellent result and now I am going to share my strategy that I used with you.

The Concrete Pour

Lets cut straight to the facts the worst thing that can happen when a concrete wall form is built is that the wall breaks bends or cracks while the concrete is being poured. In most cases this happens because the wall is not built correctly. So this brings us to a great question. What is the right way to build wall forms? That is a huge question, which would take series of web pages to answer. It is almost impossible for anyone to learn the technique over night so remember with these tips everyone may need practice or some kind of experience in this field as well.

There is only one way to build any wall and that is the right way.

I am going to give you a step by step process that carpenter Forman’s check before the concrete is poured into the wall.

Tip 1. Add Strong Back

Strong backs on a wall form are used for supporting the wall when the wet concrete is poured. Strong backs are placed every four feet on a wall and braces are usually attached to the strong back for more support.

Tip 2. Add Braces

Make sure that the braces are in the right places. The braces are 2 by 4’s that are on an angle. The braces are usually connected to a stakes that are in the ground. There are two of braces, adjustable ones and non-adjustable ones. The adjustable form brace calibrates the wall it helps make the wall plumb. Be sure to add the adjustable first if needed then add extra braces.

Tip 3 Over Build And Over Deliver

This is my last step and tip to building on wall forms. It’s the last tip because it is the most important tip that you and everyone should remember. Always add extra braces, strong back, and nails. It is always better to over prepare the concrete form than it is to under prepared for it.

Well there you have it no matter the size of the wall if these simple details are followed out correctly, then the job will be successful. Thank you and God Bless.

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