Cop Loves Carpentry And Photography 

A Cop loves carpentry and photography and now he is retiring to fulfill his lifelong passions after 28 years on the force. I am sure he is a leader mentor and great asset to this country.On the lighter side, you gotta love carpentry some people are dying to get out of it.  They just wanna hang up their tool belt and retire.  While other people plan on picking up their tools and starting a hobby.  Carpentry is like a graveyard people are just dying to get in.  It’s a joke I'm just joking, I think it’s fantastic when someone can work that many years and retire and decide to choose a hobby at their leisure.  I could only hope that I'm that lucky. God Bless you Brookfield city Manager/Police chief Dave Hane


In this particular website I have geared it towards being a successful carpenter in making good money.  But I am announcing this day that I am changing my direction.  From now on I am focusing on carpentry skills, carpentry news, and home improvements .  That’s it anything comes up about money it will be on how to save money and thinking green.

Because I have learned a valuable lesson in my life it is not in everyone’s interest to make money nor it is in everyone’s capabilities to make money but it is something that I love to talk about because money is life changing..  I’m sorry I’m way off the subject let us reflect on this story of a successful person that devoted their time to benefit the lives of others.  There are hundreds if not thousands of things to make out of wood.  People make all sorts of things during their retirement.  I have seen fancy tool boxes and beautiful jewelry boxes.  All made up of beautiful nice wood.  So build on sir and enjoy your retirement. Thanks for reading this page on cop loves carpentry. For more basic carpentry tips continue to visit this website.