Craftsman Chain Saw

The craftsman chain saw 42 CC two cycle 18 inch bar it is a good tool to use. This chain saw cut through some of the wood as though it was butter instead of wood. I do not regret buying this chain saw it has an easy start simple pull technology for a smooth start up. But one thing that I do recommend is that you read the instructions on how to start up the chain saw before you use it. If you do not read the directions then you’ll find like I did; a very hard time starting the craftsmen chainsaw.

I only used the chainsaw for a few cuts as shown in the video. I bought this chainsaw at Sears for a reasonable price. I plan on keeping it as long as it serves its purpose. For some strange reason I love cutting with the chainsaw it’s truly a man a tool. Once again my reason for cutting these logs is to prepare for the winter of 2012. When it is very cold outside I burn the wood in the fireplace to save on the oil bill.

The oil prices are high and they keep rising. They are probably rising even as I speak. As a result I am looking into different ways on saving money eventually I will replace this old Thatcher oil burning furnace with a gas burning furnace. Gas is much more affordable which makes this move a great investment.

I hope that you have enjoyed this demonstration on how to use this Craftsman Chain Saw. Look forward to more videos in the near future particularly this month. This month I’m going to make it rain with webpages galore. Videos and commercials so get ready and be prepared to be entertained, educated, informed, and amused by yours truly Jereme Green. Thank you for reading this webpage and expect more great things.

Craftsman Chain Saw

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