Creative Carpentry

Creative carpentry can be taught and it also can come natural it all depends of how good of a carpenter you are. Creativity comes from a lot of experience sometimes its hard to be creative when you know very little about the project. But if you have done projects similar to the one you need to be creative on than it should be easier because you are familiar with it.

Sometimes being creative is a carpenter’s job. There were times I worked on the N.J turnpike exit 13 A for a company called Shivone, great company, Me and my partner were building bridges and there is a ton of carpentry work that just calls for us to be creative. For example there is a lot of bridges have to get concrete poured on them me and my partner have to build forms all over the bridge that will hold the concrete were it belongs. There is no blue print that explains how it’s done just plain carpentry skills and creativity.

There are many people that design projects that call for creativity and craftsmanship this is were some great carpentry skills have to come in because the carpenter is the one that can tell if the project is going to built in that fashion more than likely it will be or they will find another carpenter to do job.

Radius walls usually calls for plenty of creativity because of the way the studs are laid out and the way the wall are curved. There are many people that are designing radius walls these days. There are becoming more and more popular but once again if you have done a couple of them it is going to be no problem to be creative in doing them.

Here are some tips to get your creative carpentry skills up

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