Designing Furniture and Different Styles

Designing Furniture is an art and a technique people are putting small cabinets in everything lately carpentry is everywhere and cabinet design should be determined by man's need to live with things that are comfortable, convenient, pleasing in appearance, sturdy, and easy to maintain. If a piece of furniture meets most of these requirements, the chances are that it is well designed. It is almost impossible to make a list of specific rules that will produce a well designed piece. Taste and a feeling for good design can be acquired by observing quality furniture in homes, stores, magazines, and books. Many of the designs that appear on the following pages are the work of the finest furniture designers in America today. All illustrate better than average design. While certain styles may not appeal to you or suit your needs, still they represent quality furniture and cabinets.


The fundamentals of good design include purpose or function, appearance, materials, and construction. Function A product is well designed only if it meets the need for which it is intended. For example, a table must be the right height for its particular use, and a chair must be comfortable. Specifically, chairs are made in different heights and seat depths. The angle between seat and chair back also varies. These and other dimensions must be designed so that a person can sit in the chair comfortably.

Thus you see that furniture sizes are influenced by the sizes of human beings. The designer makes a careful study of the human body to determine man's furniture needs. Equally important, the designer must know the answer to the question, 'What will the piece be used for?" A chest, for example, roust be designed for storage, but what kind of things: books, clothing, utensils, or others? Only when this is known can many other points be decided, such as height of the chest and size of drawers.


The furniture piece or cabinet must be pleasing to the user. It must be "in tune" with his personality. Even though two chests may be equally efficient for storage, one may have greater appeal simply because of its appearance. People have strong preferences for different styles of furniture, which is why so many are on the market. For some, the informality of Contemporary seems best. To others, furniture in the classic Traditional fashion is more appealing 

Still others prefer the elegance of French Provincial. Furniture and cabinets that are true to their own particular style are attractive and, in most cases, represent the principles of good design. When established styles are disregarded  poor design usually results. All too often, furniture made in the school shop is poorly designed simply because it represents no particular style. In furniture that you construct, why not try to express your tastes by making your own development of some established style? You will find this a true test of originality. Thanks for reading this page on designing furniture. More basic carpentry coming later today.