DIY Dominator Trim Carpentry

DIY Dominator is a great show; here is a recap on one of my favorite episodes that I watched recently entitled Trim Carpentry.

So this is the deal there is three carpenters that were the stars of the show. All three carpenters were competing against each other for a chance to win $10,000 dollars. The challenge was for all three carpenters to design and build an entertainment center. They had only 6 hours for precuts and just 6 hours to build there projects. All carpenters did a great a job but there can be only one winner

Congratulations Erick Davin

Erick Davin was the winner of this episode his project was awesome it was an entertainment center that had a country western look to it. It was very creative it had lucky horseshoes on it :-) and I believe I saw two pistols as well.

The Runners Up!

Isaac Davis built a asian type of entertainmnt center it was nice he had me laughing when he said puddy is my buddy. I believe puddy is everyones buddy.

Roman Palomino built a modern entertainment center he had me laughing when he broke his router bit and he was counting his fingers. This show is great Stay tuned for more updates on the show and if you have cable tune into the Diy network there shows are pretty good :-)

Casting Call

The DIY Network is looking for highly skilled landscapers and landscape designers to compete for $10,000 on the new show DIY DOMINATOR.

Successful candidates will be highly experienced in landscaping and design. You must be able to work fast and under pressure. Big personalities wanted.

DIY Dominator is hosted by Chris Grundy (also host of Cool Tools on the DIY Network), the show is an action packed competition between the country's best tradesmen. The winner takes home $10,000. All runners up receive $500. Each contestant is provided round trip airfare and accommodations for the shoot in October. You can read more about the show here: < > or here:

If you have a big personality and think you have what it takes to dominate the competition, email us at < > to fill out an application.

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