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Easy carpentry tips and detailed information for carpenters that are starting out in the carpentry trade. This page has tips and tricks that can make carpenters and journeymens life easier as they move fourth in this business.

There is a question that comes to every carpenter at least once or twice on every carpwentry job. The question that is asked is "Is there an easier way of doing this?" More than likely the answer is yes, but in some cases unfortunatly the answer is no. And the carpentry job could be alot easier if the carenter knew certain details before approaching the job such as having the proper wood working supplies. If a carpenter has the proper wood working supplies than he or she will find that there carpentry job will run alot more easier.

If they job involves reading blueprints they should become familiar with reading blue print symbols. Most carpenters have to know how to read blueprints to some extent and at one time or another in order to complete the job. I had some on the job traing on how to read blue print symbols and I also learned how to read it at the school that I went to. It was one of the best courses that I took. But I need to go back for a brush up course but that is another story.

Another way to make carpentry more easier on any carpenter is to have basic carpentry knowledge mixed with a little common sense. Basic information and a little expeirance can go long ways. I remember when I was working with someone and they asked me to help them frame a wall. I knew that the studs were laid out every 16 inches, but what I didnt know was where the screw belonged n the stud. My partner only had to tell me once how to do it. He didnt have to hold my hand through the job becasue I was at least famialiar with laying out walls. One thing led to the next before I new it I was framing all of the walls in the building.

Easy carpentry can be accomplished if a carpenter has basic information about the project that he or she has to work on. Thank you for reading

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