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Energy saving window covers ideas and instulation instructions that will reduce the cost on your heating bill.The windows in old homes are year round energy wasters. During the cold months, 25-30 percent of a typical houses heat seeps out through the windows; when its hot outdoors, unwanted warmth in the form of sunlight follows the same rout indoors. One of the most simplest and most effective ways to block heat passage through windows is to cover the glass completly with an opaque insulating material.

Shades made from lightweight or heavyweight fabric insulation or shutters made from rigid foam drastically reduce heat loss and heating bills on cold nights. In rooms where you are willing to sacrifice the view, these window coverings will obstruct incoming sunlight on very hot days, cutting air conditioning bills significantly.

Coupled with the extra layers of glazing provided by interior or exterior storm windows, opaque insulators can increase a windows R-value to a level close to that of surrounding walls.A variety of window shades can be fashioned from fabric insulation; the accordian pleated Roman shade is an perfect example. You can buy custom made energy saving window covers and shades from solar energy equipment dealers or if you posses simple sewing skills make them yourself.

Thier are two types of indoor shutters that offer an alternative to fabric shades. Pop-in panels and hinged biffold shutters can be made from inexpsensive styrene foam board, the stuff made of the common picnic cooler. Likely more expensive but more effective than urethane foam or foiled sided poly foam sold by energy equipment dealers.

Pop-in panels consisting of a single section of uncovered insulation are the simplest shutters to make, but they have several disadvantages. Two remove them during the day you must take them down and store them. They also tend to shrink and warp after long periods of use.

Bifold shutters made of ridged foam covered with plywood veneer take longer to build, but they are sturdier, more attractive and can be opened to let in light without being dismantled.

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The fact is that most people are not resorting to indoor shutters to keep their houses warm anymore. Here in America people are buying windows that save on thier energy bill. And that is cool but I have something for the folk that can not afford new windows for their house. Or are looking for another alternative that will keep the cool draft form constantly getting in thier home.

I believe that indoor house shutters can cut the energy bill down drastically and it has been proven to do so. They will definitely bring a custom look to the room if you are a designer you can get creative you with your custom shutters and i think that it is an expensive and all around great idea.

So if you love doing custom carpentry work and you want to save money on the energy bill this idea is truly for you.

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Bifold Shutter of Foam and Veneer

Two hinged shutter panels cut to fit against the inside edges of the casing fold away from the window to admit sunlight, and close against weather-strip stops to seal the window tightly. Each shutter panel is made from a section of 3/4 of an inch rigid foam edged by a frame of kiln-dried 1x2's and faced on both sides by 1/8inch of veneer. Neoprene weather stripping covers the vertical edges of the panels.A nob screwed to the inside face of the unhinged panel makes the shutter easy to pull open.

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