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Fine home building is happening all across the nation and even a world. It has been happening for very long time. People are decorating their homes with beautiful and unique designs that are second to none. On this page we're gonna take a look at how carpenters have advanced and changed over the years we've are gonna take a small trip in time and go over the place is that we have been in the carpentry realm and the places that we're going. So let's do it.

Back in the days homes were built with eloquent and classy designs that are hard to match even to this day.Fine home building in the early 1800s and the late 1800s, carpenters built homes that had beautiful moldings and trims in them. Their door posts had very fancy flowers and leaves that we're all carved into the wood. Their fireplaces were decorated with trim and beautiful wood carvings. Many of their windows had stain glass in them. I'm sure not every house in the early 1800s had these beautiful things in them but there was quite a few of them that did. The banisters even more beautiful railings and posts for the stairs had beautiful designs on them. The wood was very well carved out carved out with love and precision. Carpenters probably took about a year to two years to build a home if not more or longer. It all depended on how many carpenters were building the home. In the early 1800s if I'm not mistaken electricity was becoming popular therefore I'm sure was a very exciting time to live and for people that had these luxurious.

Let's fast forward it to 1970, 1970 wallpaper was very popular. Wallpaper was a luxury and a state of the art material to have on your walls. And there was many different types of wallpaper to choose from such as flowers, roosters, fancy colors, retro colors, and more. There were many fancy tables that were square and carved with beautiful designs on them. Their homes were modest and eloquent with many different purpose rooms. It was a good time to live in. I was born in the eighties and carpenters were still building homes very slowly. I have seen homes that took years to make. But out of nowhere wants the nail guns became popular homes were being built more rapidly.And some of them were also being built less eloquently meaning the carpenters we're seeing how fast they build the home instead of how well they could build the home. We have a cordless tools that also helped get the job done. In this beautiful day and age the homeowner and future homeowner has the world in their hands when they have Internet access. Between the Internet and cell phones everything has speeded up including time in general. We are progressing at a rate that is uncomprehensible. When I say we I mean carpenters and the human race as a whole.

Right now fine home building is still at it's best. If I wanted to design my home I can go to Ikea or Home Depot and look at the different designs that they have where as 100 years ago these luxurious did not exist. In fact I can order wood across the nation and have it sent here in a rush delivery. So we have become more powerful as technology increases and that is very good news houses nowadays are built or can be built within a week were run in and everything. I believe that the average for custom home is no more than three months. That is truly a huge accomplishment from the years that it used to take back in the day to build a home. We are advancing fine home building is advancing we as human beings are advancing. We are a civilization working together to bring about progress for everyone that desires to grow thank you

Fine Home Building

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